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Funken springen bei Renovierung in Luzern

Craft or

As a handicraft Allrounder, our core Competences are: Garden, House Maintenance, Conversions, Renovations, Installations and Installations. We're based in Zug with a Branch Office in Horw close to Lucerne.  


​Our Customers believe in our Services because we don't make empty Promises, we act. For our Customers we operate intercantonal and supraregional. 


As a small Business with Lean-Management, you benefit from a direct Line to the Directors. The two Managing Directors have a handicraft Background and it's important for both of them to act at the Front themselfs.

Pinsel beim Streichen bzw. Lackieren eines Holzbalkens

Craft is
creative Work.

Once started as a sole Proprietorship, in the Course of oeconomical Growth we've developed into a Ltd.. 

With our wide-ranging, cross-industrial Craftsman-Know-How, we can work polyvalently. Thanks to our lean organizational Structure, we're extremly agile. 


Our Customers are private Individuals, Business Customers as well as Construction Companies, General Companies, Real Estate Companies, Architects, Landscape planners and the Public Sector. 


We're interested in long-term Customer Relationships. Our Customers benefit from our regional Roots. This has the big Advantage that we already know many Properties personally.

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