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arises trough
Creativity potentiated 

Gernet & Kälin die Handwerker GmbH, Aargau Handwerk Zug Handwerker Nidwalden Garten Hauswartungen Uri Umbauten Schwyz Renovierungen Zürich Montagen, Luzern, Obwalden, Deutschschweiz, Zentralschweiz

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Do-it-yourself King or not:

House and Garden are extremely project-related Areas.

As professional Craftsmen,

we know that too.

We would be happy to work with you to implement your Project and let your Dream come true.

You decide for yourself

how often you lend a Hand

and what the Gernet & Kälin

die Handwerker GmbH Team

will do for you. 

Seepage and Drainage Renovation Masonry Electrician Plastering Painter Drainage
Gernet & Kälin die Handwerker GmbH, Aargau Handicrafts in Zug Handicraftsmen close to Nidwalden Gard
Conversion Bathroom nearby Aargau Handicraft Zug Craftsman Company close to Nidwalden Gardener House
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Terrace Floorlaying Privacyscreen, Shading system in Garden. Personal gardener. Close to Zurich. Wal
Showerwall Installation Aargau Handicraft Constructionworker close to Zug-Zurich electrical Installa
Outdoor Seating. Shadow systems. Privacy screen. Garden planer Zug. Gardener. Close to Walchwil-Risc
Caretaker's Chamber. House Maintenance Cleanliness Guarantee Property Maintenance Facility Managemen
Gernet & Kälin die Handwerker GmbH Real Estate Cleaning close to Zug Handicraft Schwyz Garden House

Craft is Skill acquired through Habit and Passion. We, Gernet & Kälin die Handwerker GmbH, live our Passion and thus touch our Customers Hearts. We've written our creative Power on our Company-Flag. Sometimes we have to develop Concepts from Scratch and occasionally our Customers bring in very concrete Ideas. We always adapt to the Situation. We don't come up with ready-to-use Solutions, instead of this we allways feel the Customer's Pulse first and then bring it to the End. Nothing is set in Stone but despite of this our Offer is clearly defined: Remodeling, Renovations, House Maintenance, Real Estate Cleaning, Plastering, Painting, Bricklaying, Floorlaying, Carpentry Works, Installations and Gardening. These are our Services. It's our Concern to offer our Clientele, in the Sense of a General Contractor, everything from a single Source. We would like to be a Company for everything which has to do with Home and Garden. The Advantage is obvious: Regardless of whether a Leak in the Drainpipe, the Apartment is to be painted, or if you want a new Hedge or a Showerwall. A Phone Number. One Company. Gernet & Kälin die Handwerker GmbH.

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Craft in it's 
purest Form.